Equality & DiversityProjects

There are a number of short and longer term projects underway at the University related to Equality & Diversity themes. The links in this section contain further information on projects being undertaken by the Equality & Diversity team and other teams and departments across Strathclyde, including details of any opportunities to get involved.

The University has recently established its Race Equality Working Group.

The group will draw membership from students and staff across the university. Its role is to ensure the University supports an inclusive environment for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students and staff, promotes racial diversity across the University and, where required, improves educational and employment outcomes for BAME students and staff.

It will develop recommendations for specific actions to address race equality issues, using internal and external evidence.

The University‚Äôs Student Experience directorate and the School of Education both hold LGBT Charter awards. The Charter is managed by LGBT Youth Scotland and recognises the achievements of organisations in proactively including LGBTI people in every aspect of their work, protecting staff and providing a high-quality service to customers, students or service users.

The School of Education achieved a Bronze award in 2019 and Student Experience a Silver award in early 2020.

The LGBT Charter requires departments and organisations to demonstrate that staff have undertaken LGBT awareness training and that policies, practice and resources have been reviewed to make sure that they are as inclusive as they can be. It also demonstrates that awardees have engaged and consulted with LGBT communities and undertaken work to promote LGBT inclusion and awareness within their organisation.

STEM Equals is a four-year research and impact project focused on women and LGBT+ people in STEM disciplines in both academia and industry. The project is focused on working cultures, including better understanding and addressing systemic inequalities faced by women and LGBT+ staff. The project is funded by EPSRC under the Inclusion Matters initiative, with matched funding from the University of Strathclyde.  

TransEDU researching the experiences of trans applicants, students and staff in Scottish colleges and universities.

This is the University of Strathclyde BSL Plan 2018-2024, as required by the BSL (Scotland) Act. It sets out the actions we will take over the period 2018-2024.

It follows the BSL National Plan, published on 24th October 2017, which was developed through extensive engagement with Deaf and Deafblind BSL users and those who work with them.