Our People Strategy 2020-2025
Retention and Attraction of Talent

Scott Strachan with arms folded, in greyscale.

It’s only by working together, that real progress in whatever you are doing, can be achieved.

Scott Strachan
Senior Teaching Fellow
Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Our aim

We will retain and attract the best local, national and international talent to support the delivery of Vision 2025.

We will achieve this by:

  • taking proactive control of the development of our employer brand, ensuring that current and potential new staff are clear that Strathclyde is an exceptional employer
  • ensuring through our annual workforce planning process that the roles required for the future are clearly identified and bespoke recruitment campaigns or internal development programmes are designed to recruit them
  • introducing online interactive on-boarding which starts immediately after a contractual offer is accepted
  • removing the possibility of unconscious bias from our recruitment process, including the introduction of ‘blind’ shortlisting
  • in keeping with our socially progressive employer ethos, deliberately recruiting and retaining individuals who traditionally find it difficult to enter/remain in the workplace (e.g. Care experienced, ex-military personnel, those with a spent criminal conviction)

We will measure our progress by:

  • monitoring the quality and quantity of applications for Strathclyde roles
  • monitoring the percentage of female, BME and disabled applicants and the corresponding percentage of appointments
  • monitoring levels of positive responses from a new ‘How was my on-boarding’ survey carried out within six months of each new employee commencing