Strategic plan
Strategic framework

Strategic framework

We have three key Strategic Goals through which our ambitions will be delivered:

  • Outstanding education and student experience
  • World-leading research
  • Transformative innovation & impact

Our Cross-cutting Goals provide critical context:

  • Global engagement
  • Operational excellence

Our commitment to sustainability underpins the entire Strategy. Through delivery of this Plan we will demonstrate what we intend to achieve as an institution over the period to 2025 and how we will focus our collective energy in order to realise our ambitions.

Measuring and communicating success

We act on evidence and are driven by an embedded culture of continuous improvement. We are continuously advancing our business intelligence analytics capability to guide our efforts and maximise impact. Our key performance indicators give us a framework to measure and demonstrate our overall success, underpinned by delivery across the University against a wide range of supporting strategies and informed by data and additional metrics.

The University’s Executive Team and Court, our governing body, monitor progress against our key performance indicators. Successful delivery and calls to action will be communicated to staff through regular internal updates, with progress highlights featuring in the University’s Annual Report and Financial Statement.

Success relies upon the commitment and contributions of all our staff. This commitment will be strengthened by a collaborative, people-oriented and rewarding working environment, where staff can benefit from opportunities for development and a shared set of common values. 

Our values


Our goals

Goal 1:
Outstanding education and student experience
Goal 2:
World-leading research
Goal 3:
Transformative innovation and impact
Goal 4:
Global engagement
Goal 5:
Operational excellence

Our Strategy 2020 - 2025

Our vision

A leading international technological university, inspired by its founding mission, that is socially progressive and makes a positive difference to the lives of its students, to society and to the world.

Our mission

From our foundation as the place of useful learning, we take it as our responsibility to research, teach and be of benefit to society – to reach outside the University to make the world better-educated, sustainable, prosperous, healthy, fair and secure.