University of StrathclydeDigital Strategy

The University of Strathclyde’s Strategy, Vision 2025, sets out how we will realise our vision as a leading international technological university that is socially progressive.

In support of this plan, our Digital Strategy sets out how the innovative and ambitious use of digital technology, together with its transformative capability for our people, processes, systems and data can underpin and inspire the University’s strategic ambitions in the development of our next strategic plan; Strathclyde 2030.

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Our digital vision

A global digital exemplar University.

Our digital mission

To maximise the potential and value of digital transformation for the benefit of our students, staff, partners & wider society.

Beth Lawton, Chief Digital & Information Officer
Our Digital Strategy sets out how digital technology will support and innovate the way that the University evolves towards 2030, and how we will transform our business processes, systems, services and infrastructure.
Beth Lawton
Chief Digital Officer