Light bulbs

Strathclyde Switch OffDevice Guidance

See guidance below on which devices should and shouldn't be switched off.

Yes – please switch off

Light switch
Office lights
Laptop user
Personal PCs & desktop printers
Stand-alone kettles, toasters & microwaves
Meeting room screen
Meeting room screens after use

Seek permission from line managers first

The engineering department at the University of Strathclyde
Lab equipment

No – please never switch off

DMEM students in the department, using computers
Central Pool PCs

Power and updates for these are centrally controlled

Multifunction devices

Printer/scanner/copier machines

Fridges & freezers
water boiler
Instant boil wall-mounted kettles
Students in Chemistry lab
Lab equipment currently in use for experiments
departmental display screen
Departmental display screens
Vending machine
Vending machines
Water cooler
Water dispensers