Sustainable Strathclyde Sustainable Labs

Do you work within a wet laboratory?

You can help the University reach its 2040 Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions goals by joining LEAF. LEAF is an online assessment programme aimed at reducing the environmental impact of your research.

You’ll be guided through criteria that cover:

  • fume cupboard and -80°C freezers best practice
  • how to minimise single plastic use
  • other simple steps to make your laboratory safer and greener.

LEAF is user friendly. Researchers have been able to achieve energy and water savings between £2,000 - £4,000 per year.

If you’re buying new laboratory equipment, you will also gain access to Strathclyde’s Sustainable Labs 50% incentive fund.

For more details, email Dr Rabbab Oun, Strathclyde’s Sustainable Labs Manager at 

Published academic articles on Strathclyde University sustainable laboratory studies

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