Freedom of InformationEnvironmental information

The University's Information Governance Unit is also responsible for ensuring the University adheres to its responsibilities under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 which give the public access rights to environmental information held by a public authority.

Anyone can make a request. Requests can be made either by letter, verbally or electronically.

Environmental information can be any of the following:

  • the state of the elements such as air, atmosphere, water, soil, land, landscape and natural sites, flora and fauna, including cattle, crops, GMOs (Genetic Modified Organisms), wildlife and biological diversity and it includes any interaction between them
  • factors such as substances, energy, noise, radiation or waste, including radioactive waste, emissions, discharges and other releases into the environment affecting or likely to affect the state of the elements of environment or any interaction between them
  • measures and activities affecting or likely to affect, or intended to protect the state of the elements of the environment and the interaction between them. This includes administrative measures, policies, legislation, plans, programmes and environmental agreements
  • reports on the implementation of environmental legislation
  • cost benefit and other economic analyses used in environmental decision making
  • the state of human health and safety, conditions of human life, the food chain, cultural sites and built structures, which are, or are likely to be affected by the state of the elements of the environment and the interaction between them

For greater detail, see the Scottish Government Descriptions.

If you wish to request access to environmental information, you can do so by contacting the Information Governance Unit via email or calling 0141 548 5994.