University governanceCourt Business Group

Terms of Reference

To support the formulation, development and delivery of the University's strategy and long-term sustainability.

To consider and advise Court on strategic policy development across all aspects of the University's business, including the initiation of strategic policy reviews.

To support and challenge the formulation of strategic and annual financial plans and forecasts aligned to the delivery of the Court's strategic plans.

To consider the University's performance and progress against plan including review of quarterly Business Reports.

To undertake other duties delegated to it by the Court as specified in the Scheme of Delegation.


  • The Convenor of Court (Chair)
  • The Vice-Convenor of Court
  • The Treasurer
  • Up to two appointed lay members of Court
  • The Principal
  • The Vice-Principal
  • The University Secretary
  • The Chief Financial Officer
  • An appointed student member of Court
  • An appointed staff member of Court