University governanceCourt Membership Group

Terms of Reference

  • To consider nominations of named individuals to be considered as potential lay members of Court with the intention that said members, ideally, should represent a spread of expertise and skills.
  • To consider the matter of succession planning in relation to membership of Court, the relevant committees of Court and to the University Committees which include representation from Court.
  • To consider the nominations of the Deputy Convenors (by whatever title) and the length of term of such appointments.
  • To make recommendations to Court on the above matters as and when appropriate.
  • To consider succession planning for the office of the Chancellor, including considering named individuals as potential candidates for this office, and making recommendations to Court and Senate on this matter as and when appropriate.


  • The Convenor of Court (Chair)
  • The Vice-Convenor of Court
  • The Treasurer
  • The Deputy Convenor of Court (Estates)
  • The Deputy Convenor of Court (Staff)*
  • The Principal
  • The Vice-Principal
  • An appointed student member of Court
  • An appointed staff member of Court
  • An appointed lay member of Court

*The Vice-Convenor of Court is currently also the Deputy Convenor of Court (Staff)