University governanceStatutory Advisory Committee on Safety and Occupational Health

 Statutory Advisory Committee on Safety and Occupational Health

The  Statutory Advisory Committee on Safety and Occupational Health  (SACSOH)  provides a forum for cooperation, communication and consultation between staff, students and the trade unions on occupational safety, health and wellbeing matters, thus recognising our legal duty on this matter. The principal aim of SACSOH is to reduce the number of workplace accidents and cases of work related ill health.

The Committee’s meeting and reporting calendar follow that of the University’s academic and reporting year, namely 1st August to July 31st. SACSOH meets three times a year and follows a cycle of health
and safety planning; setting priorities for the forthcoming year; monitoring progress; and review of progress, which includes actions taken, items carried over and planning for the following year.

Terms of reference

SACSOH meets three times per year to fulfil its remit and carry out the following:

  • Provide a mechanism for the effective consultation with all staff through the Trade
    Union Health and Safety representatives on matters affecting their health, safety and
  • Ensure that a suitable health and safety management structure is in place within the
    University, to maximise the protection of the health, safety and security of all staff,
    students, visitors and contractors and to ensure legislative compliance
  • Plan and report to the Committee on progress in relation to safety, health and
    wellbeing objectives and priorities
  • Review and approve all corporate OHS written arrangements, including the OHSaW
    Policy and associated written standards and supporting documentation
  • Monitor the implementation and operation of the University’s Occupational Health,
    Safety and Wellbeing Policy statement and management arrangements, to ensure
    the key risks are identified, and appropriate control measures are in place via reports
  1. Executive Officers
  2. The Head of Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing
  3. The Director of Estate Services
  4. The Head of Security Services
  5. The Director of Human Resources
  6. The Director of Student Experience
  7. Each of the Faculty/Professional Services Representatives relating to
    matters escalated from departmental safety committees in their area
  8. The President of Strath Union
  • Consider any findings following health and safety inspections of the workplace and
    any investigations of accidents, incidents, ill health, cases of occupational disease or
    dangerous occurrences undertaken by Trade Union representatives
  • Consider reports from the Health and Safety Executive and other relevant
    enforcement authorities
  • Consider safety, health and wellbeing matters raised by the Executive Team where
  • Review the provision of health and safety training for staff
  • Monitor and review the 3-year rolling OHS Audit Programme
  • Ensure effective methods are utilised for the dissemination and communication of
    safety, health and wellbeing information in the University
  • Form sub committees, where appropriate, to consider specific, specialist safety,
    health and wellbeing matters
  • Review information provided to the committee and report regularly to the Executive
    Team and Court on the University’s SHaW performance; including appraising Senior
    Officers on accidents and incidents which pose a major risk.

Duties of SACSOH members are as follows:

  • All nominated members attend the committee meetings or send a suitable nominated
  • Provide reports to the Committee on agenda items as appropriate
  • Report to the Committee on annual plans, priorities and objectives; updating the
    Committee on progress at each meeting.
  • Communicate relevant committee matters to other interested stakeholders as
  • Actively participate in suitable training for the role of committee member
  • Report any serious matters of concern to the Committee for the purposes of


The Constitution of the Committee is as follows:

  • A lay member of Court (appointed by Court), who shall be the Chair of the Committee
  • Up to two other members of Court (appointed by Court), at the discretion of the
    Convener of the Committee;
  • The University Secretary and Compliance Officer 
  • Head of SHaW and the Health and Safety Manager
  • Faculty and Professional Services Representatives
  • Trade Union Representatives
  • Management Representatives
  • A Student Representative

Persons from within or out with the University may be invited to attend or support the work of the Committee as required by the Chair. This currently includes the Chief Executive of Strath Union, or nominee.


The Committee is quorate with 5 members present, i.e. the Chair of the Committee (or their nominated representative), two management representatives and two representatives for staff/students.