Our values - people-oriented

We demonstrate that we are people-oriented when we:
  • show that we value and appreciate colleagues and students for the work they do
  • identify and engage with others in a positive way
  • pay attention to the needs of others and respond positively to these
  • deliver on the promises and commitments that we make
  • listen to and respect other people’s views and opinions
  • behave in a courteous manner and treat people with understanding and respect
  • are committed to our own professional development and to supporting the development needs of others

Examples of our people-oriented award winners

View all award winners Strathclyde Medals Booklet

Hear Sandra Heidinger, Director of HR, speak about why she nominated Janette Birnie for a Strathclyde Medal and the Wellbeing Volunteers talk about how it felt to receive a medal.

Values Booklet