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Advanced manufacturing & materials Digital manufacturing

Digital manufacturing today builds on highly advanced technologies and deals with the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution.

Digital manufacturing offers new potential for changing current or introducing new, business models that are based on data and services (such as Power-by-the-Hour®); it offers technologies that can turn both small or large enterprises into more competitive tech-driven companies (similar to Google, Facebook or AliPay); technologies that can improve agility of business to react on events through better intelligence – affecting the shop floor and the supply chain.

Digital manufacturing can revolutionise businesses dramatically

Digital manufacturing helps close the loop from Smart Design for Smart Services and Products Through-Life – because it links up design, manufacture, use, maintenance and remanufacture through digital means.

Digital manufacturing can revolutionise businesses dramatically – however, the technologies can be phased into the business gradually to match-and-mix what suits the business best.

Digital manufacturing touches on, and also influences, a vast set of disciplines outside manufacture, for example economics, business and finance, medicine and welfare, life and home, as well as electronics, photonics and computer sciences – to name just a few.

The digital manufacturing sub-theme aims to align and focus the various efforts in this field across the University of Strathclyde to harness the potential of the new technologies which are already changing the world.