Angle probe scan internal defect of weldment.

Advanced manufacturing & materialsProduct & process integrity

The University of Strathclyde has an extensive and growing portfolio in manufacturing product and process integrity.

Specialist experience and capability in areas such as non-destructive evaluation, metrology, residual stress measurement and materials characterisation underpin a wide range of manufactured products and processes.

We have capablites in the following areas:

Non-destructive evaluation

  • Automatic and autonomous inspection techniques including applying digital twin technology
  • Contact and non-contact sensor technologies: ultrasonic, eddy current, electromagnetic and optical
  • Image processing and data visualisation
  • In process inspection and evaluation
  • NDE system and mathematical modelling and simulation
  • Through-life integrity

Materials integrity and characterisation

  • Mechanical, thermal, compositional and microstructural analysis
  • Model predictive control in continuous processes

Residual stress

  • Destructive and non-destructive residual stress measurement
  • Residual stress prediction simulation and modelling
  • Residual stress focussed process and optimisation


  • Contact and non-contact metrology across scales
  • Thermal and geo measurement