Centre for Sustainable Development
Our guiding principles

The Strathclyde Centre for Sustainable Development aims to bring a coherence to our global socially progressive vision.

In keeping with the principles of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the centre seeks to foster collaboration and equitable partnerships to ensure that no one is left behind, particularly building on our excellent track record and relationships with industry. We will design our solutions to be appropriate to each distinct context, recognising the global interdependencies of economic and social development, and environmental protection. We shall be cognisant of the rapid changes and impacts of COVID-19 on global and national challenges and on all our activities.

We will be outward looking in all our work by:

  • being a contributor to, and a beneficiary of, global thinking and progress through high-quality interdisciplinary scholarship, engagement and advocacy
  • applying learning from across the globe to benefit our educational, research, knowledge dissemination and operational work, and contributing maximally to the advancement of global society
  • being sensitive to the wide range of global cultures and contexts; with a key concern for the most vulnerable in every society
  • embracing the complex interactions and inter¬dependencies of the challenges captured in the SDGs, and to collaborate across disciplines to add value and impact to our work
  • staying alert to the rapidly changing global context, especially as the full impact and implications of the COVID-19 crisis are better understood

We will champion new partnerships working across all society by:

  • working equitably and inclusively with local, national and international partners
  • co-creating and evaluating our activities together with our partners across all stages of work to ensure context appropriateness, best use of expertise and insight, equity and sustainability
  • benefiting from, and contributing to our partners’ work on sustainable development, with a particular focus on engaging more intensively with our corporate partners and those in the Global South, while continuing to build new relationships across all sectors and regions
  • promoting a culture of sharing and learning that allows people to talk openly about the fundamental challenges to progress and about when things go wrong

We will apply an integrated model to our work, combining education, research and knowledge sharing by:

  • underpinning all our education and knowledge sharing with the highest quality research and evidence
  • being demonstrably inter-disciplinary in all our work, drawing on all the expertise across and beyond the University
  • developing current and future SDG implementors to support global economic and social development, and environmental protection