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Introducing the Lightweight Manufacturing Centre

The Lightweight Manufacturing Centre in Renfrew is the first new part of the Scottish Government’s National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS) which also includes the University’s Advanced Forming Research Centre as part of a wider manufacturing centre of excellence and skills academy.  

What does it do?

The Lightweight Manufacturing Centre focuses on the manufacture of lightweight components for a range of industries in which lighter weight materials offer significant benefits.

The Lightweight Manufacturing Centre will revolutionise how Scotland interacts with high-value manufacturers

They include aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, renewables, medical, marine and off-highway transport. It delivers cutting-edge research and development projects involving lightweight materials in partnership with companies across Scotland and the wider manufacturing sector.

The centre provides the skills and services required to place Scottish industry at the forefront of lightweight manufacturing, helping companies of all sizes compete globally at the highest level.  

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How can it help industry?

The Lightweight Manufacturing Centre is revolutionising the way Scottish industry interacts with high-value manufacturers across the world. It provides services to the aerospace, automotive, renewable energy, oil & gas, and marine markets.

The highly-experienced team assist in the design and development of the next generation of technically enhanced components to meet the required industry targets and efficiencies. They work with materials such as light alloys, composites and hybrid materials and combine it with expertise in advanced materials such as metal matrix composites and ceramic matrix composites.