Strathclyde Solutions Exchange (SSE)

What is it?

Strathclyde Solutions Exchange (SSE) is a consultancy programme designed to help organisations solve some of their economic, technical and environmental challenges.

The programme also develops knowledge exchange skills and techniques in Strathclyde’s research community.

SSE programme

The five-day programme is aimed at students, staff and engaging researchers. A workshop aspect allows our researchers to work in partnership with other Strathclyde students and staff to solve problems from local industry, charities and SMEs.

Information for business

Use our SSE programme to:

  • improve business function and/or address an organisational issue
  • build on your relationship with the University
  • identify opportunities to work further with the University
  • identify potential employees
  • generate income


Solving real organisational issues through our knowledge, technologies and innovations, researchers have the opportunity to establish partnerships within and out with the University. The workshop element encourages researchers to look beyond the limits of their own subject area, acquiring skills and knowledge outside their specialism.


c-change: All of the representatives of the University that we worked with were very professional and helpful, remaining focused on the objectives of the programme at all times. Our ‘problem’ was approached by our group in a thoughtful and structured manner, where clear and relevant outcomes were agreed and met effectively.

Oxfam: The opportunity to share ‘challenges’ with other with other organisations and other academics was fairly unique – it provided a context of shared learning, supportive ideas and relationship building that enabled collaboration beyond the SSE week.

Health Protection Scotland: A key outcome of the workshop for us is that a new collaborative partnership has been formed with researchers at the University, and Health Protection Scotland would welcome the opportunity to develop the modelling work scoped out during the workshop with the view that this could inform policy and practice within the NHS in Scotland.