Continuous Improvement blogThe Positive Impact of Daily Stand Ups

I have blogged recently about Daily Stand Ups, or Comm Cells, looking at my own experience of being introduced to them, and some of the advantages that they bring, and then at some of the changes we’ve made to how we introduce them as time has passed. With this blog, I want to share some of the positive impact that has happened here at Strathclyde as a direct result of a Daily Stand Up. 

Making efficiency improvements

With over 50 Daily Stand Ups in operation across the institution thus far, the positive impact of Daily Stand Ups is widespread.

To date, there have been over 3600 improvement ideas implemented throughout the University. Some of these may appear small, yet they are significant to those they affect. For example, creating a naming convention for files in a shared computer drive.

It’s a small change, yet reduces time spent searching for documents, and lowers the potential for frustration at not finding things quickly enough. It also makes the method for saving files clear to any new members of staff as there is consistency. 

Enhancing the Student Experience

Some improvement ideas cannot be implemented as easily as the example above, and have a much wider impact.

Members of one Daily Stand Up had noticed some issues with international student registration, and student card collection. Queues were long, rooms were heavily congested, and frequently students did not bring the correct documents required for them to register.

These concerns were raised at the Daily Stand Up, and a project team was put together to make improvements. The changes implemented ultimately resulted in a reduction in the queueing time, a significant annual cost saving, and an improved student and staff experience.

These issues may well have been addressed eventually. However, the Daily Stand Up helped to empower staff, giving them a platform from which to raise their concerns, and allowing them to take ownership in resolving them. 

Improving staff morale

Documenting the number of improvements both suggested and implemented has its own merits. As each improvement is successfully implemented, or each concern ‘closed’, it brings with it a sense of accomplishment for those involved. In turn, it increases staff morale. As the numbers of improvements rise, this encourages and empowers staff to bring about positive changes at their own level and beyond.

These are only a few examples of the 3600+ improvements implemented across Strathclyde. They are a mere drop in the ocean of the benefits that can be gained from implementing a Daily Stand Up. If yo're  interested in exploring this further, please contact us at