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Continuous Improvement - Case StudyAcademic Professional Appointments Panel (APAP)


Academic Professional Appointments Panel (APAP) reviews promotion applications for senior academic professional staff twice per year.  An initial review of the process highlighted a need to maintain a promotion route for senior academics and certain senior staff in the Research, Teaching and Knowledge Exchange job families. It also stressed the need to make efficiencies to decrease the time spent on preparation for APAP panels. Improving the clarity, length, content, and format of applications and ultimately making the process easier, more  manageable and efficient for those involved was also a priority. This project was identified and delivered through the Lean for Leaders process.

What changes were implemented?cogs with the words Lean for Leaders

  • Designed promotion templates to ensure consistency and accuracy of applications
  • Creation of guidance for all stakeholders involved
  • Simplified the approvals process for all promotions
  • Streamlined involvement of senior staff, to ensure approvals were sought timeously and at the right level

Impact and alignment to strategy

42% improvement in quality of applications

186 hours of staffing capcity released per year

£13,400 cost saved per year on process