External view of the Advanced Forming Research Centre

Continuous Improvement - Case StudyAdvanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC): Customer Quotations


Equipment in the Advanced Forming Research Centre Providing service quotations for customers is a key business activity that helps accurately cost contracts and secure income for the AFRC.  Reviewing the process was essential in order for the teams involved to produce quotations quicker, more accurately and in a more cohesive way.  Identifying team members with the right expertise to work on producing each quotation is critical for securing new contracts, and reducing the number of missed opportunities

What changes were implemented?

  • Teams empowered to review existing process and implement improvements
  • Standard Operating Procedures created putting customers needs at the forefront
  • Proactice process with clear timescales created to enable staff to work together to produce quotations

What was achieved?

22% increase in productivity

52% reduction in the time taken to create and send quotation to customer

Increased skills and ability to expand customer base