Continuous Improvement - Case Study Driving Improved Performance through Employee Engagement

What is it?

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Daily Stand Ups are an innovative meeting style proven to be immensely powerful in achieving a culture of continuous improvement. They revolutionise communication, increase productivity and create efficiency savings for organisations. The University of Strathclyde was the first University within the UK to widely adopt this pioneering approach.

What can you achieve?

  • Enhance your working practices by incorporating continuous improvement activities every day
  • Improve team working and knowledge sharing through effective communication
  • Tap into the talents of every team member and empower staff to take ownership for improvements
  • Align the work of the team to deliver the organisation’s strategic priorities
  • Be proactive in achieving goals and react quickly to changes 

Impact of the Daily Stand Ups at Strathclyde

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  • Daily Stand Ups widely in operation across the University
  • Hundreds of staff across the University engaged with Daily Stand Ups
  • Core values of the University embedded in daily communication
  • Thousands of improvements identified and implemented by staff at all levels

A survey of Daily Stand Up participants revealed:

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  • 100% agree communication has improved across their team
  • Over 70% feel more empowered in their role
  • Over 70% are more confident about raising concerns or improvement ideas
  • 100% agree that teamwork/collaboration has increased