A student looking at shelves of books in the library

Continuous Improvement - Case StudyUniversity of Strathclyde Library


book shelves Several processes were identified by the Library Management team to be reviewed: Graduations, Reading Lists, and Inter-Library Loans. The objective of these reviews was to improve each of these business processes to create a new way of working that enhanced both the student and staff experience.  A project team was created to ensure that a cross selection of Library staff was represented in each of the workshops.  Three Daily Stand Up meetings were also introduced to enhance communication across the Library.

What changes were implemented?

  • Removal of unnecessary authorisation and process steps
  • Creation of Standard Operating Procedures and improvements to templates
  • Focus on driving enhanced performance, collaboration, and communication across teams
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Increased focus on meeting customer needs

What was achieved?

500+ hours of staffing capacity release per year

50% reduction in lead time for one process

50% reduction in average turnaround time for authorisation of inter-library loan requests