Group of students sitting round a table

Continuous Improvement - Case StudyPostgraduate Research Studentships


A project team was put together to redesign the end-to-end Postgraduate Research Studentship process across the University. The aim of the project was to improve the student and staff experience by creating a seamless and efficient service from when a member of academic staff applies for studentship funding, to when students receive notification of the funding decision, and subsequently their first stipend payment.

What changes were implemented?

  • Rebranding of the studentship process
  • Clear strategic vision set by Deputy Associate Principal, championed by Vice Deans
  • Proactive timeline to promote and apply for studentships
  • Enhancements to studentship online application system
  • Comprehensive process guide created, clarifying roles and responsibilities

What was achieved?

82% reduction in time for students to receive funding confirmation

50% reduction in email enquiries

75% reduction in applications submitted after the deadline