Our Training CoursesDaily Stand Ups

Daily Stand Ups are an innovative meeting style that can help to improve performance through employee engagement. The meetings help to:

  • revolutionise communication
  • establish and embed a culture of continuous improvement
  • increase productivity
  • create efficiency savings for organisations  

The University of Strathclyde was the first University within the UK to widely adopt this ground-breaking approach. 

Who is this course for?

This course would benefit leaders, managers and teams looking to:

  • incorporate continuous improvement activities into everyday activities
  • improve communication, team working and knowledge sharing
  • create an environment that empowers staff to take ownership for improvements
  • increase team productivity and ability to adapt

Course aims

This course will:

  • focus on the benefits of having a Daily Stand Up
  • increase your understanding of the structure of the daily meetings
  • equip you to differentiate between making significant improvements and fixing issues
  • develop a daily focus on both individual and team-based continuous improvement
  • develop a set of performance measures to enhance the function of your team
  • help you to establish a successful Daily Stand Up meeting 

Course outline

  • Overview of a Daily Stand Up and how it works
  • How continuous improvement is supported by this meeting format
  • How to develop bespoke Performance Measures appropriate to the work of your team
  • How to manage and run an effective Daily Stand Up meeting

The course consists of a combination of lectures and group work.

Course structure and delivery

This course will be delivered online over two sessions held on separate dates.  After the first session, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to get started on your own Daily Stand Ups right away. At the second session, we’ll enhance your knowledge and practice to align to team objectives and performance.

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