Professional development servicesDell case study

The client

Dell is a leading technology company.  As an international company, they have offices all over the world including an office in Glasgow.

Client needs

A facilitated event was required for a group of graduates joining the business, as part of an induction week.  The focus of the day was to be in customer service, team work and problem solving.  There was a particiular interest in Lego Serious Play and how that could be used on the day.

Why Strathclyde?

As certified Lego Serious Play facilitators we were able to offer a one-day workshop using lego to develop the areas they had highlighted.

How we helped

The workshop used Lego Serious Play to explore and develop the following areas:

  • Key strengths
  • Team work and share strengths
  • Best/worst customer
  • A great customer service team
  • The Big Build - Teams and great customer service
Lego structures made during a Lego Serious Play workshop


The Big Build - Teams and great customer service