Eilidh McNicol, Modern Apprentice 

Eilidh McNicol

Department: Human Resources
Job title: Modern Apprentice 
Joined: 2016

After leaving school, Eilidh joined the Human Resources department in 2016 as a Modern Apprentice. She is currently working towards completing her level 3 Business and Admin SVQ.

How would you describe Strathclyde in three words?

Ambitious, welcoming and passionate

What attracted you to work at Strathclyde?

I was attracted to Strathclyde by the opportunity of working as well as completing my level 3 Business and Admin SVQ. Strathclyde offers a wide variety of Modern Apprenticeships and the University provides on the job training to help you complete your MA. It was the wide variety of opportunities that attracted me to Strathclyde and also the how successful the University is as an organisation.

What has your experience been like working at the University? 

My experience so far has been positive, I have been made to feel so welcome in the University, especially within my department (Human Resources). I have been given a lot of support and encouragement from all staff across the campus as I learn how to use all the different systems within the University and as I learn about the different departments that make up Strathclyde.

My experience so far has been positive, I have been made to feel so welcome in the University.

As I am the first point of contact for Human Resources, I deal with a wide variety of staff members which at first was quite intimidating, but now that I have become familiar with the kind and understanding culture of Strathclyde, I am more confident when answering queries from my colleagues from across the University.

Do you like working in the city centre of Glasgow and what are the highlights of this?

It is good working in the centre of Glasgow as there is easy access for getting to and from work. Also there are lots going on in the city and lots to see. Working in the city centre means you have a wide variety of places for visiting on your lunch break.  

Why do you like working at Strathclyde?

There is a great working environment and everyone is very helpful, this makes working in Strathclyde even better and more enjoyable. As Strathclyde University is one of the most well-known and biggest organisations in Scotland, there is a wide variety of opportunities for all staff members to get involved in but it also means that you are dealing with a wide variety of people ranging from cleaners to professors.

There is a great working environment and everyone is very helpful.

What has been your greatest achievement while working at the University?

So far my greatest achievement has been completing tasks outside my comfort zone by pushing myself to be the best I can in everything I do. Throughout my journey so far within the University, I have been given a number challenging tasks and projects, which help me to prove my ability, from a variety of staff members in Human Resources. 

Does anything significant stand out to you about the University?

The helpfulness of all staff members across the University has made my transition from being a student in school to work-life much easier. 

What has your career progression been like and have you had access to any opportunities working here at Strathclyde? 

So far I have developed a lot of new skills, I have learned how to use new systems and I have been involved in challenging projects which has developed me greatly. My work ethic has changed since moving to Strathclyde, I work hard and excel in tasks that I am given to show what I am capable of, which encourages staff members to give me more challenging tasks – all of this is improving my professional and personal skills at a fast rate.