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Supporting Students

The Alumni Fund is supported by gifts from the Strathclyde alumni community. Your donations fund scholarships, the library, international study and development, sports clubs and student-led projects. You enable Strathclyde students to realise their potential and have an outstanding university experience.

The impact of your giving over the last year


  • 48 projects, clubs and societies received funding
  • 63 new undergraduate scholarships awarded in 2015 to students from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • international development projects used funding to bring solar energy to remote communities in India and Africa
  • mentoring project supported students from a care background

Over 3,000 students benefit directly from the Alumni Fund support every year

  • Strathclyde Law Clinic funded volunteer students to provide legal support to the local community
  • Library project funded digital books making it easier for students to access learning materials
  • 20 sports clubs and 35 Elite Sudent Atheltes recevied support
  • 70 students were awarded International Study bursaries
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What your giving could achieve

  • £10 monthly gift from 10 alumni could help to fund a scholarship for a student from a low income background
  • £25 monthly gift could fund solar power equipment for students to install in impoverished international communities
  • £500 gift would fund an International Study bursary allowing students to gain a life-changing experience

Make a gift to the Alumni Fund