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Supporting Students

The Alumni Fund is supported by gifts from the Strathclyde alumni community. Your donations fund scholarships, the library, international study and development, sports clubs and student-led projects. You enable Strathclyde students to realise their potential and have an outstanding university experience.

The impact of your giving over the last year 

  • over 60 projects, clubs and societies received funding
  • undergraduate scholarships were awarded to students from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • new uniforms and equipment were purchased for sports teams so they can engage more members as some students return to campus in the Autumn
  • the Library received funding to diversify the collection to include more publications from under-represented voices
  • a Climate Education workshop for students was funded and took place during COP26
  • Strathclyde Law Clinic received funding for new computers so volunteer students can continue to provide legal support to the local community
  • over 45 Performance Sport Scholarships were supported, with several elite student athletes representing Scotland at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

 What your giving could achieve

  • £10 monthly gift from 10 alumni could help to fund a scholarship for a student from a low income background
  • £25 monthly gift could fund specialist coaching sessions for a sports team
  • £500 gift could fund an International Study bursary allowing students to gain a life-changing experience

Make a gift to the Alumni Fund

student caller

A call, from one Strathclyder to another

Our annual telethon takes place from 12th February to 3rd March 2024.

Our team of student callers are excited to hear about your experience at Strathclyde and your journey since university. They will also let you know how your support of the Alumni Fund can help students today.

Anthony is studying Architecture Studies and will be one of the callers speaking to alumni this year. He explains why he enjoys being part of the telethon campaign. 

As a student caller, I enjoy the rewarding feeling of making a meaningful impact of the experiences of current and future Strathclyders by raising money for the Alumni Fund. I also enjoy hearing about the experiences of the alumni, both from when they were studying and how they have progressed in their career. Many alumni are pleased to receive a call reminding them of their wonderful experiences at Strathclyde.

100% of your donations will go to help students.

Your support has helped almost 400 students experience International Study