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Philip Krueger (University of Geneva)

Green Revenues

Claudia Girardone (University of Essex)

Closing Doors, Opening Insights: Bank Branch Closures, Income Inequality, and Spatial Spillover Dynamics

François Derrien (HEC Paris)

ESG news, future cash flows, and firm value



SBS Presentations

  1. Daniel Dao - A study on ESG Greenwashing and Ventures raising funds in Europe Equity Crowdfunding
  2. Ellie Luu - ESG Skill of Mutual Fund Managers
  3. Sheng Li - The (Unintended) Environmental Impacts of the 2003 Tax Cut

Daniel Metzger (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Sustainability Wage Gap

Chendi Zhang (University of Exeter)

Temperature Sensitivity, Mispricing, and Predictable Returns
External Activities


A number of ESG related seminars were organised during the 23/24 academic year.


Paper Title


Leveling Up Your Green Mojo: The Benefits of Beneficent Investment Prof. Xiaoyun Yu (Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance)
Corporate culture and CSR nexus: the role of blockholders Biwesh Neupane (SBS)
How learning about behavioural biases can improve financial literacy? Experimental evidence on the effects of learning about the myopic bias. Francisco do Nascimento Pitthan (KU Leuven)


Paper Title


The toxic triangle of state, stake, and institution: Sovereign wealth fund ownership and firm ESG reputation risk Prof. Hisham Farag (Professor of Finance and Director of Research at Birmingham Business School ; Founding Director of the Sustainable Financial innovation Research Centre (SFIC))

For more clarity in sustainable finance. The value of use-of-proceeds bonds in the experience of the European Investment Bank

Aldo Romani (Head of Sustainable Finance, Finance Directorate at the European Investment Bank (EIB))

Catering through transparency: Voluntary ESG disclosure by asset managers and fund flows

Marco Ceccarelli (Assistant Professor in Finance at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam)

Sustainable Treasury teams


Arthur Krebbers (Managing Director, Head of Corporate Climate and ESG Capital Markets at NatWest; Visiting Professor at Strathclyde University) 




A number of ESG related seminars were organised during the 22/23 academic year. 


Paper title


Climate Risk and Financial Stability: Evidence from Syndicated Lending Xing Huan (EDHEC)
The Economic Consequences of Firms' Commitment to ESG Policies Prof Dan Amiram (Tel Aviv University)
The Joint effect of Corruption and ownership Structure on Cash Prof Dimitiris Andriosopoulos (University of Strathclyde)
Investors in Green bonds Dr Moqi Groen-Xu (Queen Mary University of London)
Prepayment Penalties, Adverse Selection and Mortgage Default  Prof Danny McGowan (University of Birmingham)
Climate Regulatory Uncertainty and Corporate Green Innovation   Olakunle Olaboopo (University of Strathclyde)
The Investment Skill of ESG Aware Mutual Funds Ellie Luu (University of Strathclyde)
Stigma and Accountability in English Social Housing  Dr Mercy Denedo & Dr Amanz Ejiogu (University of Durham)

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