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Ways to work with us

The Fraser of Allander Institute (FAI) is a leading provider of economic consultancy services. We have a diverse client base from across the public, private and third sectors.

We offer several types of consulting services. 

Commissioned projects where we take our analytical and economic expertise and apply it to a particular question relevant to your organisation.  

Economic impact analysis and economic modelling provide an opportunity to understand the economic value of your organisation, your sector or your project.

Business surveys, such as our Oil and Gas Survey which can be used to provide a useful barometer of your sector and communicate the leadership of your organisation to stakeholders and government.

We also offer training courses for organisations.

Our CPD courses offer professional, bespoke training opportunities for organisations to aid the progression and understanding of their professionals.

We also offer a membership package, where organisations can become a member of the FAI and enjoy benefits such as early access to our reports, as well as, direct access to our economists for your analytical needs.

Why is this important?

Our ability to undertake a variety of projects utilising the breadth of our high calibre researchers, allows us to share our understanding of the economy, data and the policy landscape.

 "To understand and address the key economic challenges facing Scotland, we need access to first class data and analysis. As we continue to face tough economic conditions at home and years of Brexit related uncertainty ahead, the role of the FAI has never been more important. Their expert approach helps businesses and other stakeholders across Scotland to cut through the noisy world of economic punditry and focus minds on the policy that really matters."

Tracy Black, CBI Scotland


Alongside our commissioned researchimpact analysis, economic modelling, our various economics CPD courses and our membership, we also provide:

Economic Monitoring

The Fraser of Allander Institute has been analysing and providing a commentary on the Scottish economy since 1975.

Alongside our Economic Commentary publication, we offer bespoke insight services for clients who value private advice and support tailored to their needs.

This can involve a detailed study of developments in industrial sectors or across particular local authorities or regions.

We also support organisations in understanding the ever-changing policy and constitutional landscape, putting them in a strong position to make – or influence – good decision making.

Business Strategy and Market Analysis

As an independent institute within a world-class Business School, we can draw on a wide portfolio of expertise to provide academically-informed and evidence-based advice across a wide range of business and market strategy topics.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Competition issues, such as mergers, anti-trust and representation during market investigations
  • Market analysis
  • The latest techniques to evaluate policies and programmes
  • Regulation issues for public utilities including energy, water, transport and telecommunications;
  • Understanding the behaviour of consumers and strategies for market success

Speaking Engagements

Our team are often asked to present at conferences, seminars and to individual organisations.

We can provide formal presentations to large audiences or ad hoc sessions to a smaller number of executives.

How can our work help your organisation? 

  • Aid your decision-making with straightforward and impartial economic analysis and advice.
  • Demonstrate the economic and social benefits of your organisation to stakeholders to help maintain support, secure funding and inform debate.
  • Improve your knowledge and understanding of how your own organisation interacts with the wider economy and how you create value.

 Why choose the FAI? 

As a leading research centre at a world-class technological university, the Fraser of Allander Institute is uniquely placed to bring cutting edge economic analysis to issues of pressing policy and commercial importance.

FAI staff have helped to develop many of the modelling methods that now form part of the applied economist’s toolkit. As a result, our applications are never “off-the-shelf” but are tailored to the particular requirements of each client.

As a research institute based at the University of Strathclyde all income that we raise is re-invested in supporting our students gain experience and training in economics.

“Now into its fifth decade, the FAI continues to provide the pre-eminent source of rigorous, independent insight into the Scottish economy and the policy choices that help shape its evolution. In a time of what some call post-truth politics the FAI’s impartial contribution is more vital than ever.”

Alf Young, The Times


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