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The research focus of the Hunter Centre is to develop a better understanding of how entrepreneurs can more successfully create new value for both business and society, and to provide practical recommendations to business leaders, policy makers, and entrepreneurship-support organisations.

The centre has strategically invested in new staff which has resulted in a comprehensive portfolio of experts in high-growth, international, corporate, technology, family, rural, social and female entrepreneurship. The Centre is increasingly gaining recognition as a leading international centre for entrepreneurship research. We work hard to create innovative new entrepreneurship knowledge, and to share this with the widest possible audience, through our writing and presenting activities.

Key research themes

Key themes for the Hunter Centre’s strong team of researchers are:

Entrepreneurship and new creative ways to generate value for business and society are central to the national economic policy agenda. Participation in national and international research consortia help to ensure that the research is evidence-based, useful, and impactful for business leaders and policy makers.

Nationally, partnership in the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) co-funded Enterprise Research Centre (in collaboration with Warwick, Aston and Imperial business schools) recognises the group’s expertise in applied, policy oriented research. It enables us to accelerate research in the areas of business start-up, growth and the economic well-being of entrepreneurial households.

Our partnership in the ESRC co-funded Centre for Charitable Giving & Philanthropy (in collaboration with Cass, Edinburgh, Kent and Southampton business schools) highlights the centre’s commitment to researching the creation of both business value and social value. Both of these projects also demonstrate the centre’s success in generating funding for new innovative lines of entrepreneurial enquiry.

The Hunter Centre is at the heart of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) research programme, an annual assessment of levels of entrepreneurial activity in dozens of economies. The Hunter Centre has played a significant role in the international organisation of GEM since 2000 and is responsible for the Country Report for Scotland and, jointly with Aston Business School, the UK Report.

In addition, Hunter Centre researchers participate in a range of internationally research projects which are funded by the EU (business start-up and growth rates) as well as funding councils in Norway (enterprise diversity, farm-based innovation, and family business succession) and in New Zealand (entrepreneurial philanthropy).

The centre’s international research impact is further evidenced though our publications in, invited reviews for, and editorial contributions to internationally-ranked entrepreneurship research journals,eg, Journal of Business Venturing (4*), Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (4*), Small Business Economics (3*), and International Small Business Journal (3*).

In addition, the academic staff and PhD students regularly present their work at international entrepreneurship conferences such as the Babson Kauffman Entrepreneurship Research Conference, the ECSB Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business (RENT) conference, the European Academy of Management conference and the Academy of Management conference.

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