Advanced Computer Science (MSc)Jossy George

Jossy George

About me

Hi, my name is Jossy, and I'm from India. I am a full-stack developer with three years of experience. I love programming, mathematics, and theory.

My reasons for taking on a postgraduate degree? I wanted to learn the latest advances in computer science, especially Deep Learning. It had been ten years since I graduated with my Undergraduate degree.

About the course & looking ahead

The teachers on the course have excellent expertise in their fields, especially research, machine learning, and software architecture.

The classes are relevant and useful. During the course, I have developed an understanding and appreciation of academic research, machine learning and optimization algorithms, static and dynamic analysis, frameworks and programming styles, and the semantic web.

After graduating, I hope to work as a full stack developer with Machine Learning expertise. I expect to be faster at learning new technology, using my renewed understanding of frameworks and programming styles. I plan to inform my own projects with the latest academic research and maybe even contribute to research myself.

Studying in Glasgow

Being from a tropical climate, I love the weather here. It's not too hot, and it can snow during winter. The city has amazing nineteenth-century architecture, and gardens and is near amazing places and castles that are worth visiting.

The thing I am most surprised about studying in Glasgow is the availability of my native food and the friendliness and sense of community of the people here. I'm also surprised by the level of depth in the courses.

In my spare time, I like to explore the cuisine available and visit the beautiful buildings Glasgow has. I also participate in debates at the Debates Club. I've also tried the Flying Club.

My advice to new students is...

Make good use of your time here, explore, and meet people.

Form study groups and find help if some subjects are difficult. Join the clubs which include flying, debating, and table-top role-playing.