Applied Economics (MSc)Iswat Oladele

Iswat, from Nigeria, tells us what it's like being a student on our MSc in Applied Economics...

What was it that attracted you to study on the MSc in Applied Economics?

I did a Bachelor in economics and before graduating, I knew that I wanted to do a Master degree in economics to build upon my knowledge. In particular, I was attracted to the course because it takes an applied approach and that was what I wanted. I felt that it would better equip me to understand all the knowledge I had acquired in my undergraduate degree and how to apply it.

What has been your experience of the classes to date?

As an international student, it was a bit difficult adjusting to a new system at first, but after a while, I was able to follow through.

I really enjoy how the course contents are very practical and cover real-life topical issues.

I particularly enjoyed Fundamentals of Macroeconomics with Julia Darby and International Development with Marco Alfano. I admire Julia’s approach to teaching. She makes sure every student is engaged in the course through her lectures and tutorials. I also enjoyed how Marco Alfano introduced us to a lot of relevant papers in the field of economic development, which I learnt a lot from. I’m hoping to continue with further studies (PhD) afterwards so I can say this course is definitely preparing me for that.

Is there anything you would especially recommend about the course/classes so far?

I would say just how practical everything you are learning in class is. We have a mix of lectures and tutorials which I particularly enjoy and are very helpful. I would recommend this course as it gives an understanding of both economic theory and also how to apply it in real life.

How has the Fraser of Allander Institute’s involvement in the programme assisted you?

My part-time work placement at the Fraser of Allander Institute (FAI) helped me bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace. It opened me up to the kind of work I could possibly engage in as an applied economist, such as data analysis which I particularly enjoy and is part of my research interests. I also appreciated the networking opportunities with people at the FAI. These allowed me to learn about some of the current projects and helped build my interest in research.