MSc Applied EconomicsRob Watts

Rob is a Knowledge Exchange Associate at the Fraser of Allander Institute and a former student on our MSc Applied Economics. Find out what he thinks of the course...

What was it that attracted you to study on the MSc in Applied Economics?

I was attracted to the MSc in Applied Economics because of its focus on relevant skills that employers look for. The application of theory to real-world issues gives the course an interesting niche. I directly employ a lot of the skills I developed in this course in my work at the Fraser of Allander Institute (FAI).

What has been your experience of the classes to date?

The classes have covered a wide range of topics and offer a good split between theory and application. There is a particular focus on the skills that we’re developing and how these can be used in future careers as applied economists. We’ve also been exposed to interesting external speakers from the government and industry during lectures.

What was the most useful part of your studies?

Completing the summer project helped me consolidate my learning by applying the skills I learned to one significant piece of work. The summer project was a similar piece of work to what real-world economists do.

Where do you see the course fitting into your longer aspirations for study/career in the future?

There is a significant amount of practical careers support at Strathclyde and I was introduced to many local employers of economists to help me in my job search. Furthermore, there are plenty of work placements advertised on the course, meaning there are opportunities for relevant part-time work. My placement led to a full-time job offer at FAI. 

How has the Fraser of Allander Institute's involvement in the programme assisted you?

I worked part-time with FAI during my course, which helped me link the skills I have learned on the MSc with the work I could do as an applied economist. I also gained exposure to the type of work that professional economists do, which helped me make decisions on my future career. Furthermore, the FAI provided interesting topic ideas for the summer project.