MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology David Gomez

Being part of the MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology definitively was the best experience and most exciting time in my life, because it represented a radical shift in my life to pursue my goals of studying abroad. Before coming to Strathclyde I had a full-time job with a public institution back in my home city Bogotá, Colombia, while I was running my own digital start-up.

Since my undergraduate degree, I have always been keen on innovation processes. Because my professional experiences did not present such opportunities, I decided it was time to get innovative again while studying a Master’s degree. I chose Strathclyde for two reasons. Firstly, the multidisciplinary content of the programme was very interesting, very well liaised, and engaging with regards to my purpose to strengthen my career. Secondly, the University bid and projection for innovation and technology certainly stands out above the rest, making Strathclyde my best choice.

The Master course comprised a wide variety of lectures that enriched my profile with advanced finance, trends recognition and forecasting, innovation management, identification of business opportunities, and data analysis for entrepreneurial decision making, all on a basis of critical and creative thinking towards new venture creation. Thus, in the last stages of the program, the Virtual Incubator Project allowed us to shape a steady business project by applying the knowledge acquired from the lectures and inputs from the Strathclyde Entrepreneurial Network.

In this sense, as a Strathclyde student, you feel the support from the University at every level of your life, which helps you to develop new skills and knowledge.

Furthermore, life in Glasgow is an exciting experience. In this vibrant and charming international city you can breathe history at every corner and you will find anything you can think of such as museums, restaurants, parks and enjoy a night out. My advice to you, as prospective students, is to enjoy your Strathlife in the process. You will study hard, you will expand your limits and you will grow your career. But more importantly, the University, the city and Scotland will give you tons of heart-warming experiences that you won't regret to live.