MSc Project Management & InnovationDayo Oluwasanmi

Dayo joined our MSc Project Management & Innovation course as a mature student and is now working as a Project Manager with the NHS. Find out what she thinks of the course...

The MSc Project Management & Innovation at the University of Strathclyde provides you with a very rich perspective of how people and processes entwine to create a positive impact in project delivery. The course gives you a robust understanding of the soft skills and leadership abilities needed for success while exposing you to the processes and frameworks within project management.

Building a successful career in project management requires a good combination of both soft and hard skill sets and this is one outcome you are certain to experience as a result of the course.

Although I studied as an experienced mature student, during my studies, there were many ‘haha’ moments for me, which significantly boosted my skillset. I have since moved into a PM role within the public sector.