BSc Mathematics & PhysicsAlice Chisholm

Alice is in her final year of studying BSc Mathematics & Physics. Find out all about her Strathlife...

Can you tell me a bit about your background and what led to you studying at Strathclyde

I went to school and live in the southside of Glasgow and I wasn’t keen to move away for university. I can easily commute to Strathclyde and the course I wanted to do is highly rated here. It had recently been named university of the year, an accolade it had over other universities in Glasgow.

Describe Strathclyde in three words

Bustling, successful, supportive

Strathclyde has a great library; the staff are very helpful, and the study space is very good. Staff in the maths and physics departments are supportive and organised in teaching classes and provide plenty of resources for studying.

What has been the highlight of your course?

The opportunity I got to study abroad on Erasmus exchange at the University of Limerick, Ireland during my third year.

How do you find studying in Glasgow?

Exciting! Being in the city centre means you’re right at the heart of the city. It’s great for meeting friends after class, grabbing food or a bit of shopping. Transport links out of the city can take you almost anywhere in the UK. At Christmas, George Square with all its pretty lights and markets is right on your doorstep.

What advice would you give to someone looking to study here?

Get involved in freshers week and course/freshers chats and groups on Facebook. It’s a great way of making friends, I am still friends with those I met during freshers week!

What has been your main challenges?

Adapting to the new style of learning compared to school. Also, all the hills around campus, but at least I’ll graduate with strong legs!

What are your ambitions for the future?

I plan to join the RAF after I graduate so university life has given me some great life experience.

What specialist knowledge/professional skills have you developed studying your course?

Completing my final year project has allowed me to focus more in depth on specific aspects of physics that interest me the most. For example, I have the opportunity to work with some computer programmes that I wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance.

What’s the best thing about studying at Strathclyde?

It’s not just one thing! The new sports facilities are excellent, well maintained and well equipped. Memberships for students are also reasonably priced. I have also had the opportunity to be part of the Strath Science Scouts, an outreach programme which promotes the study of science. I have had fun visiting schools to run activities and give talks.

How is your course helping to enhance your current career and prepare you for your future career?

My time spent studying abroad. I got the opportunity to live independently and get to know a new city which is so important for a university that is so easily commutable, and I feel a lot of students still live in the family home.