MSc Engineering Management for Process ExcellenceChristoffer Bogetvedt

Hi there, I'm Christoffer!

I am 25 years old from Bergen in Norway. After finishing my undergrad in Industrial Engineering at the West Norway University of Applied Sciences, I wanted to do a Masters in something related to Continuous Improvement strategies, Supply Chain and Logistics, and Management Sciences. In just less than two months, I will have finished my  after submitting my dissertation. It has been a very busy year, but I have really enjoyed it!

Rewarding tasks

The University of Strathclyde brings several opportunities for your academic cultivation. The one I have enjoyed the most was my Industrial Project. I was lucky enough to be placed on a fantastic team with Jaguar Land Rover as our client. The team consisted of two Engineering Management for Process Excellence students, and two from different design courses.

Our mission, so to speak, was to come up with a way to detect tyre punctures before the vehicles left the plant in Birmingham. This was a challenging task, but extremely rewarding and I learned a lot from this. Jaguar Land Rover has since the completion of our project chosen to implement our solution, which will save them upwards of £70, 000 annually. So, the Industrial Projects gives you very real problems in industry which you get to be a part of in solving.

'A vibrant place'

The city of Glasgow is a vibrant place with no shortage of culture, entertainment or shopping experiences. The nightlife is grand, the food is good (yes, I am looking at you haggis!), and the people are some of the friendliest you will ever come across.


Scotland has quickly become my home away from home during the last year!

The similarities between Scotland and Norway are plenty, the air is clean, the mountains and hills are everywhere, and the nature is beautiful. Even though I have been here for almost a year now, I have not taken the chance to travel much other than to Edinburgh (frequently), down to Prestwick to visit a study buddy and a quick trip to Scotland’s most beautiful distillery, Glengoyne. This I plan to greatly improve upon after my dissertation is finished!

Glengoyne Distellery, Dumgoyne, Glasgow

Flexible student life

Though there are many similarities between Scotland and Norway, there are many things that are different as well. The prices, in comparison to back home, it is much cheaper here which makes my student life a lot better and more flexible.

The sale of alcohol is different as well, here one can stroll to the store on a Sunday afternoon and buy whichever suits your fancy. 

The variety of products in Scottish stores are higher as well which gives me a lot of options for dinner.

Myriad of accents!

Glasgow is a beautiful city with easy access to almost anything. Glasgow Airport is only 30 minutes away with the Airport Shuttle Bus and if you arrive or take off from Edinburgh Airport, the bus ride is just one hour which will fly by (pun intended) with the beautiful scenery.

As you walk through Glasgow and talk to people, you will come across a myriad of different Scottish accents. Some of which can be almost impossible to understand! Usually the Scottish accent is not much of a problem as they try to accommodate to your level of English, or just speak a bit slower to make it easier to comprehend.

Though at some point, you will come across someone that you will just have to nod and smile to!


I have had a wonderful time studying in DMEM, living in Glasgow and exploring Scotland. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone that asked!