Design, Manufacturing & Engineering ManagementYana Li: my introduction


My name is Yana Li and I’m an undergraduate student at Strathclyde, in the Department of Design, Manufacture and Engineering Management (DMEM), studying Product Design Engineering.

I finished my first two years of university in China at Taiyuan University of Technology, and then came to DMEM (after attending the international summer school) and joined through a 2+2 programme.

Choosing DMEM

Firstly, I chose to study here as I believe this is a chance for me to experience a new learning environment. Instead of just attending lectures and listening (which is the teaching style in China), students in our department get to do group work and have access to many labs to practice their team working skills and practical ability. It is much more hands-on!

Secondly, studying abroad can broaden my horizons - living in another country and making international friends helps me to understand a different culture and give me a better idea of what the world is like.

Thirdly, I plan to apply for a postgraduate degree in the UK to continue my studies as I have enjoyed it so much! This programme allows me to adapt to UK learning styles and easily apply for further study.


As I mentioned before, some of the benefits of studying here are that I get to experience different teaching and learning methods and a new culture, which will provide me with more skills and a competitive edge to my CV. At the same time, living alone makes me self-reliant and I’ve grown in confidence - I learnt how to cook, manage a budget and so on. On top of that I have met many friends here and tasted dishes from countries around the world!


There are a few things to consider in terms of costs of studying in the UK for an international student. Basically, I will pay for my fees per year, which you can find up-to-date figures for on the website.

I also pay for my accommodation, which can range in price but is around £450-£700 in rent a month. There are options for staying in student halls and the rent price includes bills like electricity, gas, wifi, water and contents insurance.

Other costs are daily expenses, like food shopping and anything I choose to do in my spare time.

Worth it?

I believe it was definitely worth moving from China to Glasgow to study! I have learnt so much and had many precious memories here. I really enjoy both the studying and the daily life here.

I’m often telling my fellow students back home in China about my programme, and I even had the opportunity to speak with and answer lots of questions about my experience here from another student from China before he joined the following year.

I would recommend all students to join DMEM as I believe they will gain a lot here and the staff have all been really friendly and welcoming to me.

Yana Li 

Yana Li, student in the Department of Design, Manufacture & Engineering Management