Design, Manufacturing & Engineering Management Matt Dunn: Product Design and Innovation degree

Why did you choose to study your course?

PDI struck me as the best mix of skillsets. A core strength of DMEM is its interdisciplinary nature and working in groups with students from a range of disciplines creates some really interesting results. The format is a lot like what I’ve seen in industry, where your design team probably all have different strengths but everyone can play their part to create a more interesting result. I went into the course with some experience doing Design work and so I identified much more with being called a ‘designer’, whereas some of the other courses refer to the students as ‘engineers’. I find the engineering content interesting but prefer to learn it through implementing principles in my designs, rather than studying it in a textbook. When it comes to choosing between PDI and PDE, I’d encourage people to think about how they’d like to be referred to in the future.



What is it like studying in DMEM?

Where other courses are groups of students only studying the same thing, DMEM mixes student disciplines and is therefore more like the teams I’ve worked with in industry — everyone has different skillsets. When you get a good group for coursework in DMEM, and everyone is driven and aligned on the goals of the project, great things happen because everyone can add different things. There are a few staff members in particular who are great role models and you’re frequently interacting with PhD students who are all great for bouncing ideas off of.