Design, Manufacturing & Engineering ManagementDMEM Teaching Spaces

Teaching spaces

The studio is DMEM's dedicated teaching space, which we use for flexible workshop style teaching, showcases, presentations and guest lectures.

All of the technical and practical hands-on teaching happens within our workshops, and the rest of DMEM theoretical teaching happens across campus.

We are avidly awaiting the new Strathclyde Teaching and Learning building, a brand new £60million fixed lecture flagship facility which is being designed by students and staff to develop leading-edge teaching facilities, as well as providing a new home for student support services and the Students’ Union.


The Studio

A large space, which provides us with endless possibilities for different types of classes including students being able to present, get hands-on and practical, or to move freely around groups around the room.

Group work

This area is excellent for group work, team building and experimenting with fun projects and ideas. Especially to allow multidisciplinary working by integrating students from our different degrees into the same area, so that they can benefit from each others skills and strengths.