Our 2015 Cohort


Juilecio Dos Santos Laranjeira, Researcher, Imperial College, London

Juilecio Dos Santos Laranjeira

"I’m interested in Islanded Mode DC Microgrids, their interconnection and role in future power networks. DC microgrids can be implemented in urban buildings, remote villages or rural areas. I have opted for a rural area case study in the Sub-Saharan African tropical country of São Tomé and Príncipe – the second smallest country in Africa."

Researcher, Imperial College, London

Michael Evans

"My research is in applying control and machine learning techniques to demand response problems."

Magnus Jamieson, Researcher, Imperial College, London

Magnus Jamieson

"My background is in Physics, having completed my Bachelors in it at Heriot-Watt University, but presently my interests pertain to the resilience, reliability, and operability of networks during storms and high impact events. My work concerns how we model these events and their effects, and how best to manage storms and climate change and their impacts on the power system."