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Alfred Alsop

PhD Title - A Market Assessment Methodology for Small Wind in the Developing World

Start Date - October 2015

Degree - MPhys in Physics with Astrophysics – University of York

Research Bio

With approximately 15% of the worlds population having no access to electricity whatsoever, the UN's goal of universal access to clean energy by 2030 is ambitious, requiring a portfolio of solutions to suit different contexts. Market assessments are necessary in order to highlight where small scale wind power is an effective and sustainable means of generation, to diagnose any barriers to implementation and produce recommendations on how to overcome these barriers. The Market Assessment methodology makes use of GIS software, expert elicitation techniques and decision making processes in order to consider all relevant contributing factors to a successful installation. The project consists of three phases; A global market assessment, national market assessments and regional assessments, with the methodology adapting to each scale.

Additional Information - current treasurer of the Wind Empowerment association ( and the co-ordinator of the Market Assessment Working Group.