Wind & Marine Energy Systems & Structures Academic Partners

Laurence Morgan

PhD Title - Control system development for the X-Rotor Wind Turbine

The X-Rotor is a radical rethink of VAWTs and HAWTs to form a hybrid concept addressing their individual disadvantages and potentially lowering the cost of energy by up to 30% (compared to a traditional HAWT). In order to realise this potential, a control strategy/system must be developed from the ground up with the dual aims of maximising energy capture and minimising structural loading. The X-Rotor project has recently received funding of €3.9 million through the EU H2020 programme to progress the concept from TRL1 to TRL3.  

This PhD project seeks to develop and validate a bespoke Double Multiple Stream-tube simulation tool capable of simulating the X-rotor, and use this tool to devise an effective operating strategy. A control system capable of implementing this operating strategy will then be designed. This project is led by Strathclyde but involves partners from GE, TU Delft, NTNU, UCC, CENER.

Start Date - October 2019

Institution - University of Strathclyde

Degree - MPhys - University of Bath