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Nicola Grieve

PhD Title - Development of the Next Generation of Wind Turbine Controllers

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Start Date - October 2016

Degree - MSc Wind Energy Systems, MSc Energy Futures (with Renewables), BEng (with Honours) Mechanical Engineering with Energy Engineering

Research Bio

As wind turbine size increases, the demands on the controller to reduce loads and improve performance are increasing. One way in which to improve controller design is to modify the control strategy by increasing the number of inputs regarding operating conditions and states. These inputs, provided by effective wind field models, anomaly detectors and wind speed and aerodynamic estimators, will allow specific control strategies to be selected. These new control strategies will allow the controller to meet the controller objectives while increasing predictability, and will allow the controller to adapt to different circumstances effectively. Controllers will then be designed to meet these strategies and will be implemented and tested using Simulink and Bladed.

Additional Information - IMechE Associate Member