Wind & Marine Energy SystemsHow can I apply?

If you are considering applying, or are in the process of applying to study at the Wind Energy Systems CDT, here is the place to find answers to your questions!

Am I eligible for the place?

All applicants should have either a first or upper-second class undergraduate degree or a Masters in a physical sciences or engineering discipline. EU students are only eligible for stipend if they can fulfil the Scottish Qualifying conditions of the Category 4. As a basic rule an EU student must be resident in the UK for 3 years, including for study purposes, immediately prior to starting their studies to be eligible for a stipend.

What is a 'studentship'?

A studentship is more than a place on the course, it includes funding which covers all tuition fees and provides you with a highly competitive stipend to cover living costs for the full 4 years. This is inclusive of the 1st year MRes programme. Students also receive a travel allowance to cover conference fees and expenses.

How do I apply?

To apply to do research in Wind Energy, apply online for a postgraduate research degree. You should select ‘MRes Wind Energy Systems’ as the programme name. For administrative reasons this is listed as a 12 month course but it is the correct programme for the 4 year PhD. There is no need to complete the ‘Project Proposal’ section as PhD topics are not decided until the end of the first year. Applications should be completed by the end of July to start the following October.

To apply to do research in Marine Energy, visit University of Edinburgh for more information.

To apply to do research in Offshore Structures, visit the University of Oxford DPhil and DEng pages for more information.

What is the work load like?

The first year of taught modules is intense – a wide variety of topics are covered and whatever your academic background, some of it will be completely new! After the first year, as you might expect from research, there is always more to do. CDT students often undertake extra work such as outreach/public engagement or perusing professional qualifications while completing their PhD. All students are expected to work at least 9-to-5.

I've been offered a place, how do I register?

Registration is completely online – follow instructions in emails from the University to complete online registration through Pegasus. You do not need to attend the registration days in September to collect your matriculation card; this can be done on arrival in October.

What holidays will I get?

CDT students have an annual holiday allowance of 30 days – 4 of which must be taken at Christmas/New Year when the University is closed – in addition to bank holidays.

Will I be based in Strathclyde, Edinburgh or Oxford University?

The first year of taught courses is held at Strathclyde. Students who choose a wind themed PhD complete their 3 next years of research in the University of Strathclyde, those who choose a marine themed PhD complete their 3 next years of research in the University of Edinburgh, and those undertaking a structures themed PhD complete their 3 next years of research in University of Oxford.

Will I be based at a company during the PhD?

CDT students will spend most of their study period within the University. However, there will be opportunities towards the end of the 1st year, during the summer projects, and throughout the PhD to spend short visits at collaborating companies.