ACG secures major new research funding

Horizon 2020 DaCoMat project to begin January 2018

The Advanced Composites Group (ACG) has secured €800K funding (€5.8M total grant) as part of the EU funded four year Horizon 2020 DaCoMaT (Damage Controlled Composite Materials) project starting 1st January 2018. The objective of the DaCoMaT team is to develop more damage tolerant and damage predictable low cost composite materials, in particular aimed for used in large load carrying infrastructure constructions such as bridges, buildings, wind-turbine blades and off shore structures.

The ACG team is tasked with providing the fundamental knowledge of the micromechanical performance of the composite fibre-matrix interphase as a function of the environmental history. The project partners, representing 5 EU countries, include 1 Independent Research Organisation, 3 Universities and 8 Companies which cover the full industrial value chain: ranging from materials development and manufacturing to composite parts demonstrators and standardisation.