Advanced Composites Group

The Advanced Composites Group is dedicated to both fundamental scientific and industrial oriented research in the area of polymeric and composite materials. Our research activities have the primary goal of determining structure – (re)processing – performance relationships and tailoring composite materials for specific requirements in engineering applications.

Our capabilities range from the micro to macro scale and cover experimental materials research as well as modelling. Our areas of inquiry include fibre reinforcement performance, single fibre interface testing, fibre recycling and regeneration, composite processing and testing and polymer aerogel composites.

Latest news

    • Undergraduate wins RAeS award for research project

      Undergraduate student Muzamil Irfan has won a second award for his 4th year research project “Regenerating the strength of thermally recycled fibre reinforcement for reuse in composite applications”. Following an award from IMechE, his work was recognised by the Royal Aeronautical Society as the Best Aeronautical Engineering Project at University of Strathclyde for the 2017-18 academic year.

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