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SEM image of surface of an APS-coated glass fibre after heat treatment at 300°C

The key to composites

Advanced Composites Group is the one of the largest research groups in the UK specialising in fundamental scientific and industrial oriented research in the area of fibrous reinforcement for polymeric composite materials. Fibre reinforcement is the core component in any fibre reinforced composite and consequently tends to be the focus of attention in relation to both property alteration and development of new products. In recent times the we have worked on a number of EPSRC and industry funded projects, covering various types of reinforcement including:

  • glass fibre
  • carbon fibre
  • natural fibres
  • polymer fibres

Our research into reinforcement fibres covers a wide range of avenues of investigation. Some key research areas include:

  • structure-performance relationships
  • surface characterisation and engineering
  • effects of thermal history
  • anisotropy characterisation
  • environmental effects
  • recycling of composites and fibre performance regeneration

Our world-leading research in these areas is made possible by the selection of analytical techniques available in our laboratory for fibre characterisation:

  • single fibre tensile testing (longitudinal and transverse)
  • fibre surface analysis by Atomic Force Microscopy
  • visualisation of fibre surfaces, internal structures or fracture surfaces using high resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • surface energy and wetting tensiometry
  • thermal expansion/contraction of fibres, using our versatile Thermo-Mechanical Analyser

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Fibre characterisation

Our facilities allow us to characterise mechanical, physical and chemical properties of any fibre reinforcement material
Fracture surface of a glass fibre obtained using scanning electron microscopy
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