Aerospace Centre of Excellence Research

Our research spans from space systems, flight mechanics, computational gas and fluid dynamics to optimisation and uncertainty quantification, applied through three laboratories to future aerospace transport, advanced space concepts, and computational intelligence in aerospace systems.

GNC & Autonomy

Research on fault tolerant distributed autonomous navigation and control, proximity navigation, information fusion for autonomy, programmable matter, autonomous planning and scheduling

Flight & Spaceflight Mechanics

Research on orbital dynamics, new types of orbits for space applications, analytical and semi-analytical solutions for long term orbit propagation, high precision high fidelity orbit propagation, low-thrust propulsion, trajectory design and optimisation, proximity motion, constellation deployment and reconfiguration, swarm dynamics, ascent and re-entry dynamics

Space systems

Research on advanced concepts and current solutions from nano-satellites to self-assembling spacecraft, from asteroid manipulation, debris removal to motorised tethers and advanced forms of propulsion including solar sails, laser propulsions, micro-electric propulsion, from hardware in the loop testing and validation of new payloads to new approaches to space systems engineering and concurrent engineering methodologies for end to end mission design