Aerospace Centre of ExcellenceFuture Air-Space Transportation Technologies Laboratory

Vision of the laboratory is to transform and revolutionise the global air-space transportation systems and infrastructure to achieve superior performance, safety and sustainability.

The Future Air-Space Transportation Technology (FASTT) lab is a multidisciplinary research unit that aims to develop and integrate the range of technological disciplines that will be required for future high-speed airliners and access-to-space systems to become a reality.

Although the Centre's long-term vision is one of enabling a future generation of reusable single-stage-to-orbit launch vehicles, hypersonic cruise vehicles and aerospace planes that will transform the global air-transport infrastructure, its philosophy is that its goals will be achieved through a sequence of technological stepping stones which in their own right will be of immediate application within the aerospace industry.

The lab was established in 2010 combining in-house expertise in flight and spaceflight dynamics. The lab has grown to presently include over 20 researchers and is led by Dr Marco Fossati and Dr Christie Maddock.

Our vision is structured around the following key areas: advanced aerodynamic design, system optimisation for aerospace transport, environmental impact of aerospace activities and planetary re-entry prediction and tracking.