Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering11th Annual Western Europe Section (WES) SNAME Symposium

London, 08-09/10/2021

On Friday the 8th of October 2021, the SNAME Student Section of the University of Strathclyde (UoS) attended the 11th Annual Western Europe Section (WES) SNAME symposium, which took place at The Langham Court Hotel in London. The symposium took place both physically and online. Fourteen student members of the SNAME student section attended the event including committee (Andreas Constantinou (Chairman), Antonis Michael (Vice-Chairman), Anastasios Dimarakis (Secretary), Marcos Machattos (Treasurer), Nikolaos Ntouros (Communication Officer), Theodora Karali (WebMaster), Giannis Stamatiou (Operations Officer) and Charalampos Demetriou (Advisor) and student members (Luis Collado, Konstantinos Veronis, Gerasimos Ziakas, Manolis Filiadis, Orfeas Protopsaltis, Vaggelis Nomikos). In total, 47 participants joined the face-to-face meeting while another 48 participants joined online.

The SNAME President Mr Andrew Kendrick initiated the symposium by sharing his thoughts on the future of the maritime industry and SNAME. This was followed by a number of technical presentations provided by SNAME members. Dr Iraklis Lazakis, the Education Chairman of SNAME WES, presented on “Smart Ship Technologies for Automated Ship Inspections”, providing insights on automated ship inspections, the current state of the art and future research prospects. Mr Andrew Clifton (SIGTTO) presented on the “Gas Shipping in the 21st century”. The presentation was helpful in understanding where the marine fuel industry is heading and the restrictions and laws that surround it as well as the possibilities and advantages of LNG as marine fuel.

Mr Sean Bond (ABS, London) presented on the ‘Sustainability-Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Ships’. Mr Bond, shared the research on carbon dioxide ship emissions and how the marine industry can be more sustainable. Following a short break, Mr Keith W. Hutchinson (Safinah Group) discussed on ‘Liquified Gas Production, Reception and Distribution- Near and Offshore Floating Assets’. The presenter shared the history of gas shipping as well as the current trends on how ships and terminals operate (loading and unloading sequence) using LNG.

After the technical presentations, the prize winners of the SNAME’s Student Competition had the opportunity to present their work. Christian Velasco-Gallego from the University of Strathclyde presented his research on “A real-time semi-supervised anomaly detection system”. Then Jevon Chan from the University of Newcastle presented the research outcomes on the “Autonomous shipping and the impact of age among merchant seafarers”. The day concluded with the paper winner awards. Charalampos Demetriou of the UoS was also provided with an award for his exceptional work as UoS Chairman. Continuing professional certificates were also distributed to all attendees.

On Saturday morning (second day of the symposium) the group headed towards London Docklands and after a quick visit to an old shipyard, the day continued by joining a lunch organised by Mrs Nina Lilley to network. The same afternoon the group left London with nice memories, precious connections and useful information in mind. In this respect, the UoS SNAME student section would like to sincerely thank Ms Lourdes Lilley Nina and Mr Keith Lilley for their hard work in organizing and running the Symposium as well as SNAME’s support to UoS Section.

 Picture of SNAME team